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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Everyone's heard of Linda Lovelace but most of us don't know much about her, aside from her starring in, arguably, the most famous porn movie of all time.  But a new movie, Lovelace, takes this strange, tragic figure and tells us a bit of her story, from her perspective.

The story here begins with Linda, as a 21 year old, meeting the man who would lead her into the dark world she's about to enter.  Her home life is less than perfect, her mother is a cold, religiously zealous woman and her father, while nicer, isn't exactly assertive.  We follow Linda from the making of Deep Throat on through her final media appearance, promoting her autobiography on the Donahue show...and if you know what the Donahue show is, then you're as old as I am!

What you might imagine is a bit titillating, turns out to be just the sad story of a girl who needed a bit more attention and guidance than she got!  I'm giving Lovelace 4 out of 4 cigars, it's got some amazing performances in it and it's always interesting to see what happened behind the scenes of any infamous movie!


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