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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Baby (1973)

The 70s were a golden age for weird movies.  You had everything from low budget gore (Herschel Gordon Lewis) to honest to God porno (Deep Throat) hitting theaters around the country.  But, one of the strangest things I've seen from the 70s, has to be The Baby!

The Baby is the story of a young social worker who's been assigned to the case of a teen boy, who's kept in a giant crib & wears diapers.  No, he's not some weird fetishist, he's mentally a baby.  But our social worker heroine believes that her even stranger (if that's possible) family is keeping him that way because of mother's mindless hatred of men.  So, our hero initiates a plan to take the baby with her and try to make him grow up!

The Baby is, honestly, one of the strangest movies I've seen in years!  There's the uncomfortable vibe throughout the whole movie, then there's also this, even stranger, sexual vibe at the same time!  There's even an instance of one of the baby's big sisters disrobing and getting in the crib with him...awkward at best!

If you enjoy these strange pieces of cinematic history, then join me in catching this largely unseen gem!  You'll feel uncomfortable and a bit creepy, but stick with it, The Baby has an ending that will leave you gob-smacked!  Trust me, I've seen a lot of movies and I never saw this coming!

I'm giving The Baby 4 out of 4 cigars, it's something that you might want to stop watching around the middle, but hang in there, the payoff is totally worth the discomfort!


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