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Saturday, September 29, 2012


When I see something named Bunnyman, you know that it's gonna catch my attention.  My first thought is that Captain Kangaroo's sidekick has gone rogue....and, if you got that reference, welcome to 'old guy' status!  But, what we really here is just...more of the same.

A group of 'teens' are travelling through a rural countryside by car, when they come across a truck that's going slow.  They pass him, and so begins their trouble.  It seems that there's a crazy, killer family in the area and they're on the war path!  And the leader of this little band of psychos dresses in an 'Easter Bunny' costume...yes, you read that correctly, it's a serial killer Easter bunny, and, it's just as scary as you might imagine, unless you have some kind of debilitating fear of guys dressed in Easter bunny costumes, then this might be the most terrifying thing you ever saw!
The real trouble here is that this is just more of the same, another movie that wants to shock and terrorize us with a 'Texas Chainsaw' family.  The only really interesting thing here is the makeup that's under the bunny mask, I won't tell you more, and you only see it once, but under that giant paper-mache head is some really excellent makeup, that's totally wasted!
I'm giving Bunnyman 1 out of 4 cigars, it's a movie to pick up, look at and then sit right back down, it's not scary, it's not original and it's not worth a second of your time!


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