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Friday, August 09, 2013

The Sadist

I'll admit it, I'm a huge sucker for old 'drive-in' style movies.  And, when I come across one that clearly would have been on the second bill at a drive in, and it's actually a very good movie, then I just couldn't be happier.  Well, that's exactly what happened with The Sadist!  A 'B' movie that should have gotten much more respect!

  The Sadist is the story of a trio of teachers on their way to a baseball game.  Their car breaks down and they're forced to stop at a secluded junk yard to try to fix their car.  (Remember, this is the 60s, so you could actually fix your own car if you wanted to!).  What they come across is an abandoned yard and, soon, run into Arch Hall Jr. and his girlfriend!  Now, Arch plays the title character...said sadist...with such scene chewing panache that you can't take your eyes off of him!  He's the character that draws you into this movie.  You see, Arch is an evil teen, on the run from the law.  He's killed several people across a couple of states and is just looking to kill more people, which is what happens here.    You see, Arch needs their car, and he needs it fixed so he can continue his rampage, so he proceeds to torture them, both physically and mentally, our poor teachers to the limit of their endurance, until, ultimately, they're forced to fight back or die!   The real beauty of this movie is that it was made in 1963, years before Texas Chainsaw, but it manages to capture that same mood.  The violence for sake of itself, and the terror inflicted because the person inflicting it thinks it's fun!  The Sadist is one of the most intense, terrifying movies I've seen from that era.  By today's standards, it might seems a bit tame, but if you close the curtains, turn down the lights and allow the movie to work it's magic, you'll soon find yourself rooting for the heroes and wincing in fear with every twitch that Arch throws at you!   I'm giving The Sadist 4 out of 4 cigars, it's a movie that will definitely find a place of honor on my shelf...and repeat viewings!


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