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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have You Seen Machete? No? Why The Hell Not?!?!

If you know me, then you know what a big fan of exploitation movies I am.  In the bigger cities, they were shown in what was then known as 'grindhouses', but here in Detroit, there weren't that many grindhouse theatres, so we had to settle for the drive-in...where they showed basically the same exploitation movies!  So, anytime I can head to the theatre and see a cool drive-in style movie, it's like taking a trip to the past and it's a little slice of heaven for me.  Well, I couldn't have been happier to go see Machete, and it couldn't have been a better movie!

If you saw Grindhouse in 2007, then you saw the original trailer for Machete, which was one of the coolest trailers in the program, and, when it was announced that Robert Rodriguez was actually going to make the movie, I got in line for my ticket.  Machete is being touted as a "mex-ploitation" movie, and it is!  Danny Trejo plays Machete, a federale who's wife is killed in front of him and he's left for dead.  Years later, he's an illegal immigrant in the U.S. and is offered money to kill a Senator who's against illegals.  Machete takes the offer, but is set up by the local politicians, and now, he has to, not only clear his name, but get revenge on the men who set him up...who are also connected to the people who killed his family!  Classic drive-in stuff!

If you love great action, then you'll love Machete.  If you love a cool revenge flick, then you'll love Machete.  If you loved the grindhouse or the drive-in, then you'll love Machete!  And, the best part for me, two young dudes were in the theatre behind me, all excited to get to see Lindsay Lohan nude, well, she's there, she's nude, but it's a body double!  Rodriguez, in total drive-in style, teases Lindsay, but when it comes time for the 'money shot', it's obviously not Lohan, and I think it's intended that way, a low budget drive-in movie could never afford a major star doing a nude scene, but they could afford a 'stunt double' and then use the rumor of 'big star nudity' to seel tickets!  I loved the fact that these guys got sucked in for that, my friends, is exploitation at it's finest!!!!!

I'm giving Machete 4 out of 4 cigars, if you haven't seen it, then head out to see it now, and if you have seen it, see it again.  That guy sitting there in the dark, having the time of his life....that's probably me!


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