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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night of the Dead

It seems that anyone who gets a camera for Christmas thinks that they should make a movie.  And, why is it that the movie that they all want to make is a zombie movie??  Does George Romero really make it look that easy?  Well, another in a long line of zombie movie entries is Night Of The Dead and it's...well, let's just face it, it's more of the same!

The story here is par for the course, a scientist is obsessed with bringing back the dead after the death of his wife and daughter, so he finds a way, but they come back with a hunger for human flesh!  Why is it that anytime the dead come back, they want to eat us?  Seriously, wouldn't zombies crave something that they missed in life, like sushi or pizza?!?!  Well, it isn't long before the dead are running loose and hunting down the living in the hospital it's all set in!

The only real difference here is the addition of the evil scientist's wife and daughter, his nephew and the nephew's pregnant wife.  When the nephew is bitten by a zombie, he has to fight off his hunger for human flesh and help his pregnant wife escape the clutches of the hungry dead!  Other than that, it's all zombie staples, death, reanimation, hunger for flesh...blah, blah, blah.

While, ordinarily, I enjoy a nice low budget movie, this one is a bit different.  Most of the time, you can sense the passion of the filmmaker in these kinds of films, the real enthusiasm DOES come across onto the screen, but in Night Of The Dead, it feels more like everyone is just going through the motions, the acting isn't great, the story is a complete retread and the only real stand out in the whole cast is the 8 year old daughter...who's only in about 3 scenes!

I'm giving Night Of The Dead 1 out of 4 cigars, and here's a bit of advice from a movie lover to all the filmmakers out there.  If you're going to do a zombie movie, try to find an original take on it, we've all seen the 'people trapped in a building, fighting a horde of zombies' movies, try to find an original way to get into the concept....please!

Night of the Dead


Blogger Derek O'Brien said...

I'm sick of zombie movies, as much as I love them. You're right, everyone seems to want to make then, maybe because it doesn't take much acting chops or special effects to create them.
Personally I want to put a ban on zombie, vampire and werewolf films, unless there filmmakers can prove they can bring something new, or at least fresh, to the table. Why not look at other monsters to use? Dybbuks, golems, rakshasas, efreets, ancient gods, anything, just to be different for a change!

5:39 AM  

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