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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dead Snow

I have two words for you, Nazi Zombies!  Now, if that doesn't interest you in the movie DEAD SNOW, then I'm afraid you're at the wrong web site, my friend!  This Norwegian movie may not be the most original concept, but it's execution is nearly flawless and, let's face it, Nazi Zombies!!  Come On!!!

The story here is about a group of medical students who head off into the mountains, to a remote cabin, for a little vacation.  When a local man shows up on their doorstep, warning them the tale of a group of particularly sadistic Nazis who disappeared into the mountains, the group laughs him off.  But, I think you know what's on the horizon, don't you?  Yep, the dude was right, the Nazis are there and soon, our medical students begin being killed off one by one, in extremely grisly and original ways.

DEAD SNOW owes a lot to Evil Dead, in that it's the same basic framework that the movie is built on, and DEAD SNOW even nods it's head to the horror movies that it's homaging...Evil Dead, Braindead and others.  The real fun here guessed it....Nazi Zombies!  When the blood begins to flow, it flows in spades!  There are a couple of really cool gags in here...and when I say gag, I mean way more than set-pieces...let's just say that intestines are a lot tougher than I thought they were!

I'm giving DEAD SNOW 4 out of 4 cigars, this is your basic, cold blooded zombie movies, but you add the Nazis to the mix and you've got yourself a near perfect horror movie.  And, with the short set up for a sequel, I think we're bound to see the Reich rise least on film!

Dead Snow


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