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Monday, June 07, 2010


Have you ever watched a movie, only to sit there at the end and wonder what the hell you just saw??  Well, if you enjoy that feeling, then you're going to like the French movie, Sheitan!

The story here is about a group of kids who are out at the club on night.  When one of them gets into a fight, they all decide to go to the farm house of the hot chick that they met at the club for the weekend.  Rule #1 of these movies is always, 'don't go home with strangers, no matter how hot they are', so we already know that we're in trouble!  When they arrive at the farm house, it is (of course) in the middle of nowhere, and the farmhand is a very strange guy (played by Vincent Cassel).  Rule #2 of these movies is always, 'if the farm hand seems weird, he's probably going to kill and eat you should run!', but, again, no one listens and we're soon heading to town to swim in the local hot springs with the hot chick and her weird friend!

In town, it become apparent that something is really very wrong with things, everyone seems to be a do I say this...inbred?!  It's like that Deliverance kid brought his whole damned family to Europe and reproduced!!!  Which leads me to Rule #3 'if the town is filled with hillbillies or mongoloids, you should just pack up and run.'  With rule #3 broken, things begin getting stranger and stranger.  Our farmhand friend alternates between way too friendly and openly hostile, and everyone in town seems more than slightly strange!  And, there's a pregnant woman in the farm house that's apparently the farm hand's wife, and she seems just as weird as everyone else in this damned town!!!

The bottom line is that it seems that our farm tending friend is a Satan worshipper (Sheitan is French for Satan), and he's planning something particularly nasty for one of our partying friends...and when it happens, it's pretty nasty, let me tell you!

If you're in the mood for some horror that's as much psychological as it is visceral, then Sheitan is for you.  But be prepared, it's French so you'll have to read subtitles (some people hate those), and the ending will send a chill down your spine...unless your family is somewhat inbred or which case, both condolences and enjoy the film!

I'm giving Sheitan 3 out of 4 cigars, I wish more were explained more plainly, it's like Lost for horror movies, but there's enough here to make you want to steer clear of both lonely farm houses and towns filled with mongoloids!



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