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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Walking Dead

I have to admit to some skepitcism when I first heard about The Walking Dead, after all, a zombie comic book couldn't possibly compare to the visceral thrills of a Dawn Of The Dead or a 28 Days Later, could it?  So, I largely ignored the comics.  Then, when I heard AMC was making a series out of it, I have to admit to some mixed emotions.  AMC promised to keep the gore level high for us zombie hounds, but had a reputation for producing 'Emmy award winning' series (translation: BORING), so I was expecting to watch the first episode and then walk away in disgust.  Well, not only was I wrong....I was beyond wrong...I was WRONG!!!  The Walking Dead not only holds up to the zombie legacy of every one of it's predecesors, but manages to make a zombie series something you'll sit on the edge of your seat for every week.  And now it's on DVD, so you can watch the entire first season (6 episodes) in one sitting, even if that sitting is on the edge of yours.

Basically, The Walking Dead is the story of Rick Grimes, a small town deputy sheriff who gets shot and lapses into a coma.  When he wakes up, the world has gone through the zombie apocalyse!  Rick finds his way home, only to discover that his family is gone, but is sure that they're still alive and is determined to find them.  And that's how the story begins, but it moves very quickly from there.  In the first episode, Rick meets a man and his son, who help him out and then disappear.  And when Rick heads into downtown Atlanta to look for survivors and his family, he finds himself surrounded by zombies...or walkers, as they're called in the series.
This 6 episode series will go by so fast, you'll find yourself watching all the extras just to get a bit more, then you'll have to join the rest of us waiting until fall for season 2...which will hopefully be longer than 6 episodes!  The Walking Dead is one of the best series on TV, and if you didn't catch it when it ran, DVD is your chance...DON'T MISS IT!  This is definitely 'must see' TV, and if you've seen it, see it again, I've been through the first season at least 3 times and will probably revisit it again before the new season begins!
I'm giving The Walking Dead 4 out of 4 cigars, if you're a fan of the zombie genre, you'll love it.  If you love great drama, you'll love it.  The only series that even comes close to keeping me this involved is Dexter...yes, this is that damn good!  So, what are you waiting for, click that link above and order me, this is one you'll want on your shelf!  And, until next time, remember, even when it comes to TV, there's no such thing as a bad movie!


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